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  • For Cutting and Fat Burning
  • Dry and Lean Gains
  • Burn Fat without Losing Muscle
  • Increase Muscle & Muscle Endurance
  • Increase Libido Instantly
  • Competition Ready Result
  • No Estrogen Conversion
  • No Water Retention
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EPI (Epistane), is a type of Pro Hormone. Epistane is very comparable to winstrol & turinabol in that will not increase water retention at all. So the user should not expect to put on water weight on them. Epistane is also one of the legal forms of prohormones. It can produce as much as five kilograms of muscle mass throughout each cycle, which usually lasts around one month.

Epistane is a DHT derived prohormone that was brought to market. Epistane is an anti-estrogenic dry compound that will aid users in adding lean muscle mass as well as cutting fat. In addition to this, Epistane does not aromatize and is non-progestagenic. This basically means that while on Epistane, estrogen related side effects like gyno and progesterone related side effects like sensitive breast tissue are virtually non-existent. Users will experience little to no side effects while on Epistane, making it an ideal beginner prohormone.

The nomenclature for Epistane can be written two different ways, 2a,3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane or 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol. Epistane has also been referred to as Epi, Epi 2a3a, and the most common misspelling is Epistain. 

EPI (Epistane) – Result?

Good for promoting solid, lean muscle gains with a concomitant reduction in estrogen leading to a drier physique, and significant strength gains. This will contribute to the vascularity users typically report. Epistane is also sometimes used purely to combat gynecomastia as they act in the body as an anti-estrogen, so that endogenous testosterone levels are less suppressed by this compound than other prohormones.

How EPI (Epistane) works?

Epistane also binds to androgen receptors in skeletal muscle cells and muscle stem cells. This leads to changes in muscle cell function and protein synthesis. In the case of muscle stem cells, which will actually change and fuse with your active adult skeletal muscles increasing the muscles potential for growth and repair. On the opposite side, the presence of androgens actually decreases the ability of stem cells to form new fat cells. So now have increased stem cell conversion to muscle cells and decrease the conversion of stem cells to fat cells, giving you more positive effects of nutrition and training.

* 4 Weeks per Cycle

4 weeks are perfect for one whole cycle of consuming EPI (Epistane).

* Easy To Consume

Instructions on consuming EPI (Epistane) is so easy, just take 2 capsules per day. 1 in the morning and another 8 hours later.

* Half Life 8 Hours

The time period for EPI(Epistane) to take effect and stay in your body is 8 hours.

* 10 Milligram Dosage

EPI (Epistane) comes in capsule form which contains 10 Milligram per capsule.


When taking pro hormones, we MUST consume cycle support as well.

  1. Cycle support protect us from Liver, prostate, cholesterol, and blood pressure issue sand also optimizing gains in size and strength.
  2. Its also suitable for steroid user or even normal supplement user for health purpose.
  3. The most common ingredients include NAC (protect liver), Milk Thistle( Protect liver), CoQ10 (heart&Blood pressure, Saw Palmetto (prostate), and Alpha Lipoic Acid.(protect organ), Grape seed extract (radical damage)

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